Friday, July 12, 2013

It's a Wrap! Artisanal Chocolate & Monotype Printmaking Workshop 6/15/13

 As part of our recent exhibit, Good Enough to Eat; Food as Medium for Craft,
The Craft in America Center held a print-your-own chocolate bar wrapper workshop!
Attendees got wrapped up in making monotype print candy bar wrapper to go around a chocolate bar made by Jonathan Grahm of Los Angeles artisanal chocolatier Compartés. Participants learned the fundamentals of the monotype printing process with Christina Carroll and Jonathan Grahm got their creative juices flowing with samples of his artistry.
Hungry for chocolate and art-making, participants settle and take in
the works of art made from food.

Compartés Chocolatier Jonathan Grahm gives an introduction about his handmade chocolates AND a generous sampling of flavors to each attendee for artistic inspiration.

At each place, a printing plate, materials for mark-making and textures, paint and a palette ... AND several samples of delectable Compartés chocolates.

Making a start on the plate ...
... and here's the result! Mmmmm

Decisions, decisions ...

Center director, Emily Zaiden, makes finishing touches at the press.
Amy Shuster of Backyard Bite blog came to play!

Mmm ... to wrap around a bar of cool, dark chocolate?

Jonathan Grahm applies some extra pressure on his first print/wrapper ...
Which variety of his own chocolate bar will Jonathan Grahm wrap this print around?


To wrap around a caliente spicy chocolate bar?


For colorful, fruity, gingery chocolate?

I wonder how many artists are inspired subconsciously by other people's socks?

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