Monday, December 17, 2012

Home Sweet Homeless : Installation by Sienna DeGovia

Saturday, December 15th

Window Installation
Sienna DeGovia, Los Angeles artist and food stylist, raised awareness of homelessness 
this past Saturday by creating, over the course of six hours, a Skid Row street scene out of gingerbread and other edible materials. Thank you to the many who came by, several with canned goods that will be donated to a local shelter. The installation will remain in the window for a brief time. Home Sweet Homeless is part of the ongoing exhibition
 Good Enough to Eat: The Fusion of Food and Craft which continues into 2013

Assembled on a support of garbage bags, DeGovia painstakingly brought to view - and to thought - a scene of homelessness: grocery cart, cardboard box, newspaper, bottles, wrappers, a dog, rats, pigeons, graffiti and more. The artist's imagery rendered in edible sweets juxtaposes our notion of a homeless scene Striking food for thought.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Home Sweet Homeless

8415 W. Third Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

Phone: 323. 951. 0610
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