Friday, May 31, 2013

It's the final month to view Good Enough to Eat - Food as Medium for Craft

There is still time!  Come visit the Craft in America Center to see the last installment of our Good Enough to Eat series.  Experience how sculpture and art are being redefined through edible materials.  Below are a few select images from the exhibit to whet your appetite.  Food as Medium for Craft is up now through June 22.
"BonBon" by Lilyana Bekic
"Semi-Precious and Precious" by Amber O'Harrow

"Teabag Teapot" by Yuyen Chang

"El M&Matador" by Charlotte Kruk

"Oh Eleanor" from the Women Icon Torso series by Jan Hopkins

"Embroidering the Scent of Winter Tangerines" by Catherine McEver

"Embroidered Wonder Bread" by Catherine McEver

"Figure" by Kristin duCharme

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UPDATE: Foodies United for a book signing! Caitlin Freeman's Modern Art Desserts ...

Thank you again, Caitlin and Leah ... what a sweet treat it was to have you with us!
Caitlin Freeman and Leah Rosenberg inspired ooh's and ahh's from a full audience with a Powerpoint presentation of artworks that inspired their works in Modern Art Desserts.

We were grateful and fortunate Caitlin and Leah made time in their busy schedules to treat our guests - and US - to their sweet stories. Thank you!

Caitlin Freeman talks about crafting the perfect dessert!

Update! They came ... they stood ... they loved the Salon with Evan Kleiman and Peter Shire!

On March 23rd, the Craft in America Center was filled to the brim with attendees to hear Evan Kleiman and Peter Shire talk about food, politics and their lives ...
(Running concurrent to the exhibit "Good Enough to Eat: Food as Subject for Craft")
Gathered by the library, awaiting the talk (L to R:) Craft in America film series producer, Carol Sauvion; Artist/speaker Peter Shire and Center Director/curator, Emily Zaiden

Peter Shire and Evan Kleiman stir it up to a packed house, answering questions
and posing ideas to eachother and the audience

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tortillas in the Window!

Cuatro de Mayo Monotype Tortilla Prints!
(Concurrent with our third and final exhibition
Good Enough to Eat: The Fusion of Food and Craft, Food as Medium).
Saturday, May 4th, 2013
Carroll spent the day working on tortillas, clipping them to a hemp line in the window ... Fun, colorful, experimental and ephemeral.
Strollers-by (even those in strollers!) smiled at the sight.

"Whooooaaaaa! They painted ON TORTILLAS!?"
- an inspired five-year-old.)
Craft in America Center's resident artist, Christina Carroll, hanging tortillas to dry ...

Mentioned on KCET's website for Events on Saturday, 4 May!
In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, Craft in America Center tipped its sombrero to Mexican heritage on Cuatro de Mayo with a print/painting demo by artist Christina Carroll.
The artist printed and painting on tortillas using hand cut stencils in shapes symbolic of this festival celebrating the 1862 triumph of the Mexican Army over French forces in the city of Puebla. As the tortillas are transformed into art, they will be hung up to dry, building a festive atmosphere.

Exhibit artist, Lori Zimmerman (right) with a friend.
Lori's two 2-D fiber and cabbage works for the show flank them on the wall behind
Stunning teapot form, 'Eleanor', by Jan Hopkins, lent by Sonny Kamm, made of mixed food materials.

Basket Workshop with Cameron and Julia Taylor Brown on April 6th, 2013 ... What did they make?

Delicious fun was had at the Basket Workshop
with Cameron and Julia Taylor-Brown!
Students were first inspired by fruit, vegetables and sweets, s
electing their succulent reference for their first basket ...
Then inspiration from the materials, selecting their ribbons and yarns ...
Glue coat your balloon ...
Participants are off and wrapping, twisting, layering!

Director of the Center, Emily Zaiden (right) checks in with Julia (left) and Cameron (center)

Forms drying ... finished? Unfinished? Take it home and keep working!

Participant's final basket, finished at home.

Another attendee works the finishing touches after the workshop.