Friday, May 31, 2013

It's the final month to view Good Enough to Eat - Food as Medium for Craft

There is still time!  Come visit the Craft in America Center to see the last installment of our Good Enough to Eat series.  Experience how sculpture and art are being redefined through edible materials.  Below are a few select images from the exhibit to whet your appetite.  Food as Medium for Craft is up now through June 22.
"BonBon" by Lilyana Bekic
"Semi-Precious and Precious" by Amber O'Harrow

"Teabag Teapot" by Yuyen Chang

"El M&Matador" by Charlotte Kruk

"Oh Eleanor" from the Women Icon Torso series by Jan Hopkins

"Embroidering the Scent of Winter Tangerines" by Catherine McEver

"Embroidered Wonder Bread" by Catherine McEver

"Figure" by Kristin duCharme

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