Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tortillas in the Window!

Cuatro de Mayo Monotype Tortilla Prints!
(Concurrent with our third and final exhibition
Good Enough to Eat: The Fusion of Food and Craft, Food as Medium).
Saturday, May 4th, 2013
Carroll spent the day working on tortillas, clipping them to a hemp line in the window ... Fun, colorful, experimental and ephemeral.
Strollers-by (even those in strollers!) smiled at the sight.

"Whooooaaaaa! They painted ON TORTILLAS!?"
- an inspired five-year-old.)
Craft in America Center's resident artist, Christina Carroll, hanging tortillas to dry ...

Mentioned on KCET's website for Events on Saturday, 4 May!
In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, Craft in America Center tipped its sombrero to Mexican heritage on Cuatro de Mayo with a print/painting demo by artist Christina Carroll.
The artist printed and painting on tortillas using hand cut stencils in shapes symbolic of this festival celebrating the 1862 triumph of the Mexican Army over French forces in the city of Puebla. As the tortillas are transformed into art, they will be hung up to dry, building a festive atmosphere.

Exhibit artist, Lori Zimmerman (right) with a friend.
Lori's two 2-D fiber and cabbage works for the show flank them on the wall behind
Stunning teapot form, 'Eleanor', by Jan Hopkins, lent by Sonny Kamm, made of mixed food materials.

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