Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fairfax students visit Craft in America Center

This season's partnership with Fairfax High School Visual Arts Magnet kicked off with a field trip to Craft in America Center. We invited four artists in our Body Conscious exhibition to participate: Carrie Ann Burckle, Ben Cuevas, Annette Heully and Zac Monday. After briefly speaking about their artwork, the artists spent time answering the many engaging, thought-provoking questions from the students. It was a fruitful visit that covered topics such as how to make a living as an artist to the importance of photographing your work well.


Annette Heully talking about her work in the show, Interconnected (back corner)

Students listening to Ben Cuevas speak about his work

Zac Monday, standing beside his Blue Witch Weeping Mask

Carrie Ann Burckle sits to the right of her piece, Shift

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