Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A gem in our library

In the spirit of the Service episode (premiering on PBS November 2nd*), we thought we'd share one of our indispensable references throughout the course of our research available in the library at the Center: Government and Art: A Guide to Sources in the Archives of American Art. 

Founded in 1954, The Archives of American Art is an initiative of the Smithsonian Institution to preserve the voices of our country's legendary artists. According to their website, "With over 20 million items in its continually growing collections, the Archives is the world's largest and most widely used resource dedicated to collecting and preserving the papers and primary records of the visual arts in America."

In Government and Art, you can find the names of artists whose life and work has been documented by the Archives, including those who benefited from the G.I. Bill and many other support agencies like the Works Progress Administration.

*check your local listings 

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