Friday, December 27, 2013

Hand to Hand: Potter and Gulf War Veteran Ehren Tool Talks About the Power of the Cup

Join Berkeley-based artist Ehren Tool at the Craft in America Center on Saturday, January 11 at 5:00 pm as he describes the evolution of his work, which is heavily influenced by the time he served as a Marine in the 1991 Gulf War. After returning home, Tool attended art school and eventually settled on the cup as his preferred mode of expression. His work addresses the atrocities that he witnessed on the battlefield, allowing him to communicate his unspeakable truths: since 2001, he has given away more than 14,000 of his cups, each of which graphically depicts his stance on the effects of combat on soldiers and civilians.  
"The images on the cups are often graphic and hard to look at. You may be for or against a particular war but I think it is too easy for us to look away. I think we as a country and as humans should look at what is actually going on."  - Ehren Tool

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