Friday, November 22, 2013

Fairfax at 3rd Street

Two weeks ago we opened a show by the artist Hidde van Dyum, showcasing a series of beautiful, intricate assemblages, multi-layered watercolor pieces often housed in custom-built boxes, like little curio cabinets that open onto imagined worlds. We also ran the pilot session of our collaboration with Fairfax High School, bringing students from several classes in their Center for the Visual Arts Magnet program to meet with Hidde and hear about his history, process and career as an artist.

We had two classes visit, a mix of juniors and seniors who had already spent time studying and working on the possibilities of collage and mixed-media expressions. Hidde discussed the history of his craft and talked about how and why he does what he does. The students walked away inspired both by the talk and the chance to see artwork up close and in person. It was a thrilling afternoon for all involved-- and it's only the beginning!

Next up we're going to bring Otis professor JT Steiney to campus to have students in a digital imaging class create collaged comic books, and Craft in America Center Director Emily Zaiden will supervise senior English students as they learn how to tell stories through object selection and curation. We're so excited to be working with youth in the local community, and to be spreading the word of craft far and wide; check back here soon for more news on how it's going.

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