Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Enough to Eat-Opening of Food as Subject for Craft

It was a great opening!
And there's still time for one last helping ...
 Last day is this Saturday, April 6th. Hope to see you!

Welcome to the exhibit ...

And some works from the show ...

Jade Crab Claw by Peter Schilling
Stacked Peaches by Peter Shire

Umami by Hilary Pfeifer
Curly Apple Spoon by Norm Sartorius

Tiger Gloria by Sienna DeGovia


Jolly Nellie by Alice Simpson

Peeps by Linda Dolack

To Thine Own Self Be True by Linda Halvorson
Key Lime Pie by Ed Bing Lee
Hot Dog I by Ed Bing Lee

By the Dozen; A Study of the Egg by Christina Carroll (partial detail below)

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