Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Money & Politics: Print Money!

Monotype Print Workshop Saturday, July 7

Current exhibit, Looming Election: Woven Works

Money and politics have been forever woven together!
What Debt Crisis? We printed our own money ...

Workshop participants, with workshop teacher Christina Carroll,
solved their own artistic debt crisis by printing their own
currency-themed monotype prints with imaginative denominations,
faces of unknown leaders and symbols of their own happiness, hope and security. 

Attendees, unapologetic, crafted their own money-themed monotypes while an American flag stood watching (a weaving by Consuelo Jimenez Underwood) and a printing press stood nearby.
A creative counterfeiter prints her first bill
Husband and wife, mother and son
and others focus on their plates
" Yes, these will pass government inspection. 
Let's try to buy something next door at Freehand Gallery ..."

Climb Every Mountain-Mountain Goat Money
Government, you've been caught red-handed ...
Funny ? Money
Value = one oreja (ear)
Why shouldn't beloved dog Hanna run the country?
Citizens United States of America, I.O.U. Nothing
 Coronation and worship of sex & 'celebrity'
Buy Me- money can be bought
Beach Bucks - One Beach Buck
Murky leader?


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